Good Tidings To You

Are you guys having a good Holiday season? Lately it’s been a little gloomy over here which really gets me into the Christmas spirit even more. I’ve been playing Christmas music daily. Still not over it.

Although things can get a bit crazy this month, we are staying home quite a bit focusing on family and spending more time making new things, which I plan on sharing with you in the next few months! But I have to say it’s been hard focusing on next year’s plans because all I can think of is creating more for this month. I gotta keep the Holiday crafting going, right?

My favorite thing this time of year is thinking about presents to make for our family and friends and how to wrap them. I try to challenge myself every year and figure out ways I can get away with not buying any gift wrapping decorations or even paper, for that matter. I try to reuse or find new ways to make everything myself. The whole thing really becomes a craft project, to say the least.

So with that in mind, I figured it would be fun to share one of this year’s ideas with you. This was another happy accident. I was working on new linoleum experiments with colors and paint and I had bought this beautiful copper paint. When I say beautiful, I mean BEAUTIFUL. I accidentally dropped the paint onto a piece of paper and I was like “waaaa!?!” Super shiny! And it didn’t soak through (extra points). So of course I had to start another project and share this awesome happy accident with you!

(The cheap and easy way)

• Viva Decor Precious Metal Color 25ml – Copper color – You can find at any craft store like JoAnn’s Fabrics or Michaels – $6

• Elmer’s White Banner Paper – White – I got 75 feet! It’s awesome for SO many things and cheaper than actual white wrapping paper. Plus you can use it to cover your work surface. Found at Staples for $7

• And old toothbrush

1. First, on a table spread your roll of paper as big as you like.
2. Get the toothbrush and dip in paint (make sure to not spill like I did).
3. Technique #1: Use your finger on the bristles to “spray” the paint on paper
4. Technique #2: Brush paper with the toothbrush to create a brushed pattern.

5. Let the paper dry. It actually dries pretty quickly.
6. Have fun wrapping and decorating your gifts! I reused some pretty ribbon.

I can’t tell you how easy and fun this is! Anyone can do it. And look how pretty! I’m all heart eyes over here. I had to wrap random boxes to show you, which I now don’t want to unwrap.

Also I tried it on craft paper and oooh sooo pretty! So try it on other papers. You can make cards, tags, etc.

Thank you for joining my journey this year and allowing me to share these things with you. I hope you and your loved ones have a beautiful and Merry Christmas and an amazing New Year!

See you soon friend!